A drunken ramble about nothing really

Apparently, i picked up a legitimate girlfriend in Mexico City. Legitimate except for the reality that I am transient at the moment, and she is Mexican of the finest variety.

I’m watching American college football in Antigua, Guatemala. Certainly not the unlikeliest place in this hemisphere, but an island of Americana in a country largely concerned with feeding the family tomorrow, not two days from now, but tomorrow.

This was the nice part.

The differences between the Mexican and Guatemalan markets are striking, and this is Antigua…the virtual Hamptons of Guatemala. Where the monied from Guatemala City come to play. And when I say monied in guat, i mean the equivalent of upper middle class stateside. Nice chevy SUVs. Lattes. Monoloco, this bar I watched the game at, is a retreat into an Applebees-esque atmosphere. A place where I can live under the illusion of belonging and with the pretense of comfort.

Down here, I can afford on a daily basis what most guatemalans would spend for two weeks-plus on a family’s provisions.

Is that right? No.

I guarantee you I have accomplished less in my life than the average Guatemalan. I guarantee you more people would show up to his funeral than mine.

Value is a subjective metric.

And though we may no longer be segregated by race, we still are by class and religion, which are more torrid bedfellows than you or I wish to acknowledge.

I just watched a commercial for Olive Garden. I haven’t seen one of those since Indianapolis!

Economies must reward people for value they contribute to an economy, not their location on the political map. How many fatcats sit around in America and other developed nations pushing buttons a few times a day as they cash their weekly five-figure check and log on to their brokerage account, where a bad day is a 5 percent loss on the 20-percent gain they realized earlier this year.

So out of touch. So divided. So human.

But of course, they’ve earned the right to do nothing and get paid for it. They… we have earned the right to participate in a fixed game.

Estoy American.

And that’s more than half the battle right there.

Technology is the ticket out of the disparity between third-world and developed countries. Technology. You love it, and so do I.

And suppressing technology is a new thing for we human folk. Do I have proof? No. I have instinct and hearsay. And my instinct has never failed me.

Right now, the third world has Florida State vs. South Florida on the telly. I’m going to watch and have another mojito.

Because I’ve earned the right in this sick sad world to do so.

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