Leaving Antigua, heading to another story…eventually

I’m leaving antigua in the morning, but im only going about an hour away to Guatemala City, zone 10…only a few blocks away from my computer that’s in the shop here.
I will find out on Friday if I must stay in Guat City any longer to retrieve my computer. Otherwise, it’s to either Honduras or El Salvador where they’re building brand new Hong Kong -style city states as an experiment in free market civilization with minimal government.

Social innovation it would seem.

I’ll be back with more on that at a later date.


One thought on “Leaving Antigua, heading to another story…eventually

  1. Dude,
    I admire your free-spirit-ness so much. The pics look amazing and I love the bike. Is that new? Cute girls too man. Bring a few back with you huh? Are you staying out of trouble and is everything cool? Make sure you chain your bike to your ankle, or torso (wrong choice of words).
    I’m going to follow you so keep writing and be safe man. Amazing stuff. You only live once and you definitely have the right idea. Peace.

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