The role of explorers

CULIACAN, Mexico — As far as our planet is concerned, human beings have inhabited, or at least explored, nearly 100 percent of it (the land anyway). If there’s a corner here or a nook there we haven’t trekked through at least once, it’s by choice, not lack of ability.

If that’s the case, why then do we still need explorers? Do they still serve a purpose beyond the simple indulgence of personal curiosity or wanderlust? Is there still a higher purpose to be served by those who would chuck all the trappings of ordinary life and boldly go where plenty of men have gone before on journeys of an extended number of months or years?

The answer is yes…though it’s not a purpose that Magellan or Columbus would easily understand. Like GPS and smartphones, it’s unique to the times we live in…

The purpose now is to discover not where we might inhabit, but how we might inhabit.

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