Who am I?

I’m just a guy. One that had a dream and found a way to start making it come true. I care about the direction of our race, and the best thing I can do, I believe, is find stories that underscore the direction I think it should go…so that it might inspire people to look beyond themselves and consider the context of their lives and what their life might mean to those around them. That might seem fairly pie-in-the-sky, but so were a lot of things before they became reality. The concept of innovation has led to humanity’s greatest triumphs and advances so far, and in recent years, I believe we’ve tragically lost touch with that in favor of the pursuit of material wealth as the ultimate achievement. The lack of a suitable replacement for the space shuttle is a perfect example. In the 40-50 years that we took space flight seriously as a public cause, the lives of ordinary folks changed dramatically.

A course correction toward that type of mindset is in order, and I hope to do my part to bring it back.

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  1. Adam Good Luck On Your Travels Around The World And Take Care And Be Safe Bruddah… I’ll Be Tracking You Via Internet… Great Job…

    Your Football Bruddah Abel aka Pumba

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