Why am I doing this?

To me, underutilization is a dirty word. In America, you see it proliferate the office parks that make up more and more of our landscape, where way too many people settle down into roles that merely scratch the surface of what they’re capable of doing. From the executive suites on down to our Kindergartens, the concept of “fitting in” largely drives our progress rather than creativity and innovation, and this is not what America was built on. America was built on exploration, pushing boundaries, entrepreneurial endeavors, and throwing caution to the wind. What we see today is an America that has lost its balls…a society that is defined by their fear of the unknown, whether it be their new next-door neighbor or one’s underlying abilities and talents to do something that is truly heroic.

My job is to inspire a new generation of heroes by showing my people what people in third-world economies are accomplishing with far fewer resources.


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